The COVID-19 Coronavirus pandemic continues to affect us all. During this difficult time, we want to assure you that we are working to the best of our ability to maintain relationships with all children and families and to connect you to learning opportunities. This can be seen in a few different ways; 

  1. Follow our Facebook and Pinterest pages for ideas
  2. Check your emails for communication from Owl; including staff who have been sending special greetings and story telling.
  3. See below a compiled list of ideas covering all areas of learning; including indoor and outdoor.

Owl's Pinterest BoardHome learning during COVID-19

Video call with your educators and classmates: Zoom live video program

Websites offering a variety of in and outdoor learning, and printables:

  1. Waterloo Catholic District School Board - wcdsb learn at home
  2. Waterloo Regional District School Board wrdsb@home
  3. Children and Youth Planning Table of Waterloo Region
  4. Hands on as we grow
  5. Printables for preschool to grade 4
  6. Super Teacher Printables in all subjects

Facebook groups:

  1. Primary Playground
  2. Simply Kinder
  3. Pocket of preschool
  4. The Printable Princess
  5. Fun-A-Day


 Time Capsule Challenge
 LEGO Stamping
 Kids Craft Room for all ages
 Busy Toddler
 Fun family crafts for School-agers 

Reading iconLanguage

 Time capsule challenge
 Baby sign language
 Teaching the alphabet
 Teach a child how to write their name
 Literacy activities for kids 


physical activity iconHealth & Physical Activity

 Cosmic Yoga
 Go Noodle
 Going on a Dragon Hunt Yoga
 Health and Physical Activities for Kids

numbers iconNumeracy

 Time Capsule Challenge
 Developing Early Math Skills
 Games for Babies that Build Math Skills
 Top 5 Free Math Apps for Kids
 Kids Numbers Song Compilation 

people iconPersonal & Social Development

 The Zones of Regulation
 Tools for Life
 Wash your hands baby shark song
 The Wiggles - Social Distancing

science iconScience

 Science Buddies
 Science Experiments
 Outdoor Science for Kids
 How Stuff Works
 Science Fun