Finger Paint Extravaganza


Celine got out paint and tinfoil for the children to explore their creative side. Celine placed the different colours of paint on the table and the children each chose their own colour or colours.

Blakey picked yellow and red, and started to paint with just her index finger. She squished her fingers together as she felt the paint between them. She changed and started to use both hands to move the paint around. Noah chose red and white. He painted with all his fingers and then moved to just using both index fingers to move the paint around. Jack chose red and yellow and dove right in with both hands to paint with. Alex picked red and blue. He also used both hands to feel and mix around the paint. Alex even painted his nose and the chair around him. Kayden chose red and stuck his finger in the paint and watched as it dripped off onto the tin foil. Thomas used yellow, red, and blue as he used both hands to move the paint around. He then picked up the tin foil and ripped a piece off. He also painted the table and chair. Felix used yellow, white and blue to start out. He used his index finger to paint before moving on to smacking the tin foil and watching the paint splatter from the blobs of paint placed on his paper.

All the children noticed as they moved their hands over the tin foil that it made a sound and each picked it up. While the children were painting and scrunching the tin foil they were able to hear the tinfoil making a crinkly noise.

During this activity the children were able to use their sense of touch and hearing as they felt the paint on their hands and heard the noise from the tinfoil. While finger painting the children strengthen their fingers and small hand muscles helping to develop pre-writing skills. This also helped to foster the children's colour recognition skills, when they pointed to the paint bottle that Celine would label the colour of. Also the children mixed the colours together creating new colours, which Celine would also label.

Who knew you could learn so much from finger painting?


An infant girl is finger painting on tin foil, and looking closely at her hand that is covered in paint.

An infant boy is finger painting on tin foil, he also has some paint on his nose.


An infant boy is finger painting on tin foil.


An infant boy is finger painting on tin foil.