The Toddlers Explore a New Type of Salt


We have been introducing weekly sensory activities to the toddlers and the activity that was introduced to the toddlers was coloured salt. We have started giving the activities to the toddlers starting at the beginning of the day, allowing the toddlers to have a longer time to manipulate and explore.

The toddlers were given a choice of three colours they wanted to explore. The colours were given in silicon muffin cups with a spoon and a mason jar. The children used the spoons to scoop the coloured salt into the mason jar colour by colour and since the jar was see through they were able to see the individual colours of salt row by row. The toddlers were so intrigued with the layering of colours and when they used the spoon to mix it some wondered where the layers went. The layering of the salt introduced the concept of math where they would measure how much or little salt to place in the jars.

Elliot was fascinated by the layering of his colours he looked up at Marianna and while excitedly pointing into the jar said, “look at my colours.” Alex mixed his colours together and then scooped the salt back into the muffin cup and added a pine needle which turned into a candle. Soon the toddlers around him started to sing, “happy birthday,” as it was a birthday candle. As Anyi was scooping her salt into the jar the spoon kept clinking into the jar creating a sound. She loved it so much she stopped scooping the salt and would use her spoon to keep clinking against the jar. Soon Ezra, Grace, and Laila were joining her in making music.

Toddlers love sensory activities and this is a great way to introduce senses, math, and science to them.


A toddler girl is using a spoon to add coloured salt to a mason jar.

A toddler boy is using a spoon to add coloured salt to a mason jar as a toddler girl watches closely.


A toddler girl is using a spoon to put coloured salt in a mason jar.


A toddler girl is using a spoon to place coloured salt into a mason jar.