Creativity with Scarves


The preschool children at RisingOaks Early Learning | Our Lady Fatima often engage in dramatic play.  During a sunny morning on the natural playground, educator Shahzad brought out scarves for the children to explore with. Sara, Charlie, Myla and Ivy were drawn to the soft, colourful and long scarves.

“Can we make a house out of scarves?” Sara asked.

                     Children making a fort out of scarves                                               

With help from educator Paige the children began to guide their teacher where they wanted the scarves to be set up. The preschoolers chose a spot on the natural playground that was surrounded by small trees. Cooperatively the preschool children started to engage in mastery play constructing a fort out of scarves.

“Tie the scarves together so it will be longer,” Charlie exclaimed.

“I’m going to use these small ones and tie them to the branches,” Sara said proudly.

Once the fort was built, Ivy and Myla collected a metal bowl and ice cream scoop.

“I’m making ice cream,” Myla exclaimed.

Charlie pointed to an opening between the scarves “this is our house, there is the door”.

                                                                    Two preschoolers peaking over the fort

When children engage in dramatic play with peers it is how children learn to socially bond, respect others, communicate, and balance personal emotions with the emotions of others. Mastery play is where a child or group of children take control of the physical environment and change it in accordance with the direction of their play. Mastery play benefits children’s persistence and problem solving skills.