Exploring the Enchanting World of Fairy Tales: The Three Little Pigs


Over the last couple of weeks, the preschool children at RisingOaks Early Learning | Our Lady of Fatima have been on an exciting journey exploring the magical world of fairy tales.

One day, our educator brought in 'The Three Little Pigs' and began introducing both the simple songs and the story, marking the beginning of our enchanting adventure with this classic tale we all know. As we gathered around to read the story, our preschoolers' eyes sparkled with anticipation, and their enthusiasm was infectious. Little did we know that this story would lead us on an educational journey full of fun and learning.

image of the 3 little pigs story books and puppets

Fairy tales, like "The Three Little Pigs," are special because they introduce us to exciting characters and plot twists that keep children on the edge of their seats.
We witness that during story time, the children often found themselves identifying with the three little pigs. Audrey said, “I am the first little pig.”, and Dilan expressed, “I want to be the 3rd little pig and build a strong house.”

These tales help the children dream big, nurturing their hopes and ambitions, all while expanding their vocabulary and understanding of the world.

As we observed, the children began to incorporate elements from "The Three Little Pigs" into their playtime in and outside of classroom. We noticed from outside playtime, Quinn and Landon used the wooden logs to build their house and humming the song we sang together in the classroom.

Inside the classroom, Zyaire also loved singing the songs we learned from the story and he made a heart with his arms and said “I love it, I love building.”

Preschool child creating a hear shape with his arms above his head and hands pointing down
Luna, Chloe, and Luca had a blast during playtime, using small wooden blocks, Duplo blocks, and a wolf puppet to recreate scenes from the story.

olf ps oct23 03

Luna enthusiastically shared, "Look, I am building a strong house so the wolf cannot come to my house."
So, Chloe stepped in, saying, "I will help you Luna. We can make a big house together. So the wolf can't huff and puff to our houses.”
Then the two girls saw Luca using Duplo blocks so they went over to help him to build his house as well.

Two preschool children working with coloured, flat wooden blocks building housed for the three little pigs.



two preschool children working at a table building housed with duplo blocks for the three little pigs


The little ones dedicated quite some time to build each toy pig houses, just like in the story. Their teamwork and sharing of ideas not only boosted their creativity but also kept their building game going strong.
We look forward to continuing our journey through the world of fairy tales and exploring the endless possibilities they offer for nurturing young minds and sparking their imaginations