Sr. Camp

This summer at RisingOaks Early Learning | Our Lady of Fatima, the Sr. Camp group had been catching frogs and asking questions about the amphibians they were seeing on the playground and field. So much so, that they even began an exciting project on the tiny creatures. In the beginning, the group was bursting with excitement to share their knowledge and questions with one another, the conversation never stopped. James for example, mentioned the frogs on the playground were actually toads because they preferred the land rather than the water where they would actually find frogs.

Frog on a log

Educator and children looking at terrarium

The group had been very engaged in this topic and even took their time to think more broadly about it. Zoli talked about how some may be poisonous or even dangerous to humans. Jonte wondered why they only jumped with their hind legs and not all four. They had some really amazing questions being shared. What is the earliest discovery of frogs, or how many frogs in Canada are poisonous? Many discoveries were being made as the seniors watched their amphibians in a terrarium kept in the classroom. The group has been very busy researching how to care for their new friends. What an exciting summer! Stay tuned for our finished project!