How do you Measure Leaves?


The season of Fall brings the cooler weather and the colours in the trees. As the leaves are changing colours outside, the toddlers have been showing interest in the changing colours. With these changes we explore the newly coloured leaves, Laura notices by telling an educator “the leaves are green, yellow and orange!”

Toddler child with hair up in a pony tail holding a clear measuring cup filled with colourful maple leaves

A provocation with fall coloured leaves was set up in the tuff tray. The toddlers first had the opportunity to explore using their whole bodies. This continued into adding the leaves to our block bin, creating a sensory bin full of coloured duplo blocks with the leaves!

The fall leaves went on another week where we introduced measuring cups with the leaves. Sheri asked the group, “how many leaves can you measure?” Hudson  and Arjun began scooping and pouring the leaves while Chloe observed. After Hudson modelled for Chloe how he measured, Chloe soon started to fill her measuring cup!


A toddler child filling a red measuring cup with leaves while another child looks on from behind.


Toddler child watching a second child, not seen dumpinr an orange measuring cup filled with leaves into a red measuring cup.
Laura and Serena started by measuring their leaves as they scooped up as many as they could into their cups. This soon turned into counting the leaves.

As the toddlers explored scooping, dumping, and filling they were able to enhance their numeracy skills while measuring. We continued our numeracy skills as Serena and Laura began counting each leaf with Sheri. Once we had counted them into Sheri’s hand one by one, it was then counted back into serena's hand!

As we expand our numeracy and math concepts, we are able to bring them into our everyday play!