It's a Beautiful World!

School-age 2

One morning while checking the weather using the weather network app on the iPad, Tim pointed to one of the featured videos, “Is that space?” He asked.

“I’m not sure, let’s see” RECE Dakota said as she pressed the button that started the video.


Child giving directions on how to use water paints

Alayna, Ben, and Tim all watched the video in awe. It showed a stunning view of the aurora from space. “That was so beautiful” said Alayna “I wish it had rainbow colours”.After the video, RECE Dakota put the water colours. “I’m going to paint the lights we just saw!” Tim said immediately, ``Wait, this doesn’t work the paint is too dry”, he said as he tried to paint the paper. Dakota then asked Ben if he remembered how to use the water colours. Ben got up and came to the table to take a look, “First, you need to wet your paint brush in the cup of water, then dip it in the colour you want, and spin your brush a couple times, then paint.” Ben explained, proudly to his older brother and friend.

School Age child using water paints


 This experience gave Ben the opportunity to engage in a leadership role, sense of mastery, and develop a sense of pride. “I didn’t think Ben would have known” Tim said, “Ben must remember from last year when he made watercolor paintings” Dakota said. Alayna looked up from her paper, “It works, good remembering Ben.” This also gave the group the opportunity to see each other as capable, competent and worthy of respect including increasing their flexibility in expectations.

                    Finished product of painted aurora