It's Raining, It's Pouring!


Rainy day? that's okay, the rain does not bother us. With the use of our Muddy buddy body suits the Preschool childre  engage in and explore the natural playground on rainy days using all of their senses.

Kayla went under the small tree and said ‘’ I like the rain coming through the tree’’ while watching the rain drops fall through the leaves and listening to the sound as it dripped on to her muddy buddy.


preschool child in blue body suit standing under the branches of a small tree in the rain


The preschool children are often found  in the sand box. This is popular spot for building structures, excavating and sensory play. Ronan, Calvin, Nicky and Issac  explored damp sand.  Ronan said ‘’ I love to make castles with the wet sand, because it’s build strongly and staying for a long time. Nicky said ‘’ I like riding my bike with the wheel barrow in the rain, cause I collect rain water in my barrow and then I mixing sand with the water and making cement for my house’’.

In these natural sensory explorations activities children fosters language skills, social skills and calming skills. One rainy day Isaac inquired  ‘’ Is there rain in the forest too? I want to see rain the forest’’.  We plan to take a walk onde today to investigate if the rain sounds and feels the same in the forest.

While outside we observe Rosie using a bowl and taking  it close to the tree and shaking the  tree branches into  the bowl and said “ This is special water from the tree “. We heard  Ronan say  ‘’ I like wet play ground so I can find more worms and bugs under the tree stumps’’.

Opportunties for Sensory activities  in nature establish a foundation for children  to able to work towards more complex tasks, strengthens language development, improve problem-solving skills and support cognitive growth.