Let's Get Moving

School-age 1

The children in the School-age 1 at RisingOaks Early Learning | Our Lady of Fatima have been participating in a variety of gross motor activities. This included scoops and balls, ring/frisbee toss, and bubbles.

Ethan and Forrest picked up some scoops and balls. Forrest would toss the ball towards him across the tarmac. Ethan used his eye hand coordination to try and catch the ball in the air. When he was not successful he ran and chased the ball scooping it up.

School age child in a hat chasing a small green ball with a red scope outside on ashphalt


Forrest showed his sister Charlie how to throw a frisbee ring. "First you put it in your hand like this, then you throw it!" He instructed her. Charlie then ran after the ring. They tossed them back and forth, chasing the rings as they rolled.


school age boy in black demonstrating for school age girl in pink how to throw a frisbee using and flat green ring.


The educator Tracey brought out some bubbles. The children were very excited, smiling, running, and laughing. The children could be heard saying "It's a bubble world" " Look how high they are going" and "Let's try to jump on them!" Olivia reached high up into the sky to try and catch one. Colton shouted, "I can karate chop them" as he sliced them with his hand. Adelyn used another bubble wand and tried to catch the bubbles on it. "Look I did it! I caught one!"


School age child in a pink coat reaching up towards a large bubble