Nature Playdough


The preschool group at RisingOaks | Our Lady of Fatima love to play with playdough. They love to squish it, pull it, roll it, and manipulate in many different ways. One sunny beautiful morning, the educators wondered "What will the children do If we brought the playdough outside?" 

preschool child hands pushing down on purple playdough  on a blue tarp outside
The children were a little confused at first, as they've never had playdough out side before, but soon, they were finding creative new ways to use the playdough. Myla found some leaves and pressed them into her playdough. "This Is my play doughs hair" she explained. Eliora placed some grass and leaves in the middle of her playdough and rolled It up to represent a hotdog. They rolled, and poked, and stretched out the playdough, working their fine motor skills and coordination skills. Soon the children discovered that they were able to make imprints with the playdough using the bark on the tree, or the bricks on the school. The children engaged in associative play, communicating with each other, sharing their ideas, and describing to others what they were doing with their playdough. Bringing the playdough outside gave us the chance to add a new and exciting element to a familiar activity.

preschool child holding purple playdough with an imprint of treebark

three preschool children pressing playdough into bark on the trunk of a Maple tree