Not Just a Connecting Toy!

School-age 1

This month the School-age 1 class at RisingOaks Early Learning | Our Lady of Fatima is back into a regular routine. They have not forgotten about how creative they can get!     

                                                                                 children working together while participating in symbolic play

This month the children have demonstrated several different types of play with various types of building tools.
Emma participated in symbolic play. This could be seen when she used the interlocking connectors to create her own metal detector.
Sara, Forrest and Charlie used the same connectors enhancing their engineering skills as they built various types of robots. Colton explained to Spencer that the wheel on his robot is to freeze people and anything that gets in its way! Spencer enthusiastically communicated to Colton that his robot has many special powers; for one it had shield power to block freezing and it had melting abilities. Colton responded by saying “Okay Spencer let’s play!” They proceeded to make sound affects for freezing and shielding.

child building with connector toy
This activity not only expands on their fantasy play but allows them to develop new ideas and express their skills. These interlocking connectors give the opportunity for endless open-ended possibilities and fostered a wide variety of play.