All About Me

School-age 1

We are so excited to welcome all our friends to School-age 1. We have been waiting a long time to all be together and enjoy some fun activities. The weather has been so nice and we have had lots of time outside, playing ball and even some time on the climber. The children discover some bouncy balls in the outdoor bin and were so excited to bounce them on the pavement. Max had a blast outside chasing his ball as it bounced across the ground. We are looking forward to new adventures outside as we dive deeper into our after school programing.

child running after a small bouncy ball outside

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be spending time getting to know each other and doing some “All About Me” activities. Some of us are old friends from last year or our preschool program, but we also have some friends that our new to our program. Josephine brought in an “All About Me” question page that we had a chance to work on our writing and fine motor skills while filling it out. Andrea worked very hard to focus on writing all her letters with the help of Josephine to spill the words for her.

teacher and child sitting together, as child is writing with a pencil on her paper

Another fun activity we tried out was a self-portrait. Josephine provided us with markers, pompoms, pipe cleaners, feathers, yarn and googly eyes to create our own self-portrait master piece. Lucas new that his eyes were brown and he reached right from the brown marker to draw his eyes. Andrea thought her eyes were pink but when looking in the mirror she discovered they were brown too.

picture of two of the children's self portraits We can’t wait to discover more about each other as we become a large group of friends in School-age group 1.