Colour Matching with Beads and Pipe Cleaners


 child standing at a table, holding a white pipe cleaner while she adds beads onto it

The children in the preschool room engaged in colour matching game that consisted of coloured pipe cleaners and coloured beads. The challenge of this activity was to match the beads on the tray to the corresponding pipe cleaner. During this activity the children were observed helping one another as they worked as a team to gather the coloured beads from each of the trays. They also communicated with one another to let each other know where the coloured beads were, that each of them were searching for. As they continued communicating and helping one another they were able to foster their social skills as they have positive relationships with their peers, effectively communicate emotions through their interactions and listen and follow directions as they guide each other with finding the coloured beads they need.

As the children placed the beads on the pipe cleaner they were able to enhance their fine motor skills as they maneuvered the bead until it slipped onto the pipe cleaner freely. They as well were able to foster their hand-eye coordination, concentration, colour recognition skills as they matched and thinking skills. Once the children had their pipe cleaners filled with the matching coloured beads, we worked together as a team to count how many beads the child was able to match. This allowed the children to enhance their numeracy skills as they counted on their own or as a group. Overall the children felt a sense of accomplishment as they progressed through this activity while saying “I did it” or “Yay I found the (bead colour) bead.”

two children sitting together and working on adding a bead to a black pipe cleaner

 Child sitting, holding a pipe clearner as she adds beads to it