Creating our own Flowers and Vases

School-age 2

Starting off the new school year, we have both new and old friends in our group. We’re beginning to get to know each other as we engage in both indoor and outdoor social play.

While playing outside a few of the children were picking flowers. Theresa said, “My flower is yellow”. To build on this interest we decided to make our own flowers. We took coffee filters and pipe cleaner to form a flower shape, then used our fine motor skills to build our patience as we pulled apart the coffee filters to make petals. After this, we each chose colours to make our flowers, then lightly dipped the coffee filter flower into the food colouring. We watched as the colour absorbed into the filters. Michael said, “I want to use red and green for my flower”. After dipping it in the dye he exclaimed, “The colours together turned my flower brown!”

child sitting on the floor, wraping a pipe cleaner around a coffee filter

child sitting on the floor with his coffee filter flower in front of him, as he drops red food colouring on it

child sitting on the floor holding a glass jar, as she moves it around to mix the paint inside

The next day we decorated vases for our flowers. We chose different coloured paint that we poured into a jar. Once the lid was closed, we swirled our jars around to spread and mix the paint. When the paint moved slowly Cameron decided to shake and tap on his jar to make it move faster. Wyatt said “I need more paint for it to be able to swirl in the jar”. Lauren told the group, “My paint has bubbles inside”, which led to the other children checking their jars for bubbles. Wyatt asked “Whose jar has the pinkest in it?” and the children determined together that Wyatt’s did. Dylan said, “My yellow and pink are making orange”.

Through this experience the children were able to engage in fine motor and problem-solving skills while promoting creativity. They also learned more about cause and effect. Through conversation about the experience the children were able to build on friendships while enhancing language and communication skills.

photo of the colour coffee filter flowers in the painted vases