Exploring water in various ways!


One of the main goals in our toddler room is supporting the children as they learn how the world around them works. This means offering opportunities for them to explore the world with ALL their senses. With water being universally appealing to all toddlers, it was only right to offer the freedom and opportunity to explore the water in various ways. Through these rich learning opportunities and play, the toddlers interacted with their new friends while exploring water in different ways.

toddler standing in a large mud puddle

With many rainy days this summer, the toddlers were quick to run onto the playground and immediately splash into the muddy puddles. While some of them enjoyed a more tactile experience of the puddle, others enjoyed the sensory aspect and found ways to dig in the mud with their fingers. Either way, puddle jumping has been a huge hit!


child bent down splashing with her hands in a mud puddle

two children walking down a mud trail

We’ve also been enjoying our water days to help us cool down during the very hot and humid weather. Running through the sprinkler allowed us to exercise and develop our gross motor skills while group water play in our sensory bin allowed us to explore the concept of sink or float. Each of these activities allowed us to develop our sense of autonomy among many other things.

All in all, we’ve had an amazing summer developing our social skills and building new friendships, exploring cause and effect, building on our vocabulary and language skills and using our gross and fine motor skills to explore one of our favourite sensory materials!