Let's Fly a Kite

Jr. Camp

The children in the Junior Camp showed great interest in using their craft bags and coming up with beautiful creations. They like to use construction paper, glue, scissors and loose material on the cart—this lead to making their kites.

child using their hands to tape straws onto a paper

The children used colourful construction paper and folded it in the middle to make the kite structure. Next, they taped a straw across the top and taped it in the middle. While taping the straw, Thomas said, “now my kite will not fold.” Olivia added, “I have a butterfly kite at home.” Once the structure was ready, they punched holes in the folded part of the paper at the back. Oliver said, “I need a string to fly my kite.” So they carefully threaded the string through the holes. Finally, they added a colourful tissue paper tail to their kite. The kites were ready now, but it started to rain, so we decided to fly them the next day.

a table full of beautiful colourful kites that the children have created

The children were excited to fly their kites the following day. It was a perfect windy day and the children ran across the ground playground with their kites trying to make them fly high into the sky. They also figured out which direction was best for the kite to fly due to the direction of the wind. The children displayed great teamwork and cooperative play during the whole experience. They helped their peers in making the kite and shared their ideas too. This activity also enhanced eye-hand coordination, a feeling of success and a great achievement. Everyone in the group enjoyed this activity. The is no fun like flying a kite on a warm breezy summer day.

3 children running outside flying thier kites