Overheard in Preschool


child holding a clipboard while drawing with a crayon  photo of some of the stores that the children have said













The children in the preschool room have been interested in telling stories, using their imagination and engaging with their peers in pretend play. To enhance this interest, we went ahead and had the children to make their own story books that they were able to take home and share with their parents and siblings. Sharing these stories validates the child as an author and makes them feel proud of their achievements and skills that they put towards their story.

This activity also enables the children to let their imagination and creativity flourish as they share a story they already know or one that they had come up with when making the book. The stories that the children come up with can also change as they share the book multiple times. When children write their stories they are able to build resilience as they express thoughts, fears, feelings, experiences and discoveries. It allows them to build confidence and provide an emotional outlet. The children are able to increase their concentration spans as they use their thinking and creative skills towards something they enjoy doing.

This idea developed in our classroom as educator Adeena put together a wall that says “Overheard in Preschool.” This board is used to display stories or conversations that happen between a child and child, child and educator or as a group. The conversation or story is written down and displayed on this wall with their name and the date of when it happened. We will be taking pictures of these conversations and stories to posting them for you all to see.

child drawing with a crayon on a white piece of paper wall in the preschool room that the staff write stores that they hear from the children