The Art of Painting

Sr. Camp

As we move near the end of summer camp, the Sr. Campers have been working hard to wrap-up their Art Project. This idea for this project flourished the first week of camp as the campers showed great interest in creating various creations using different materials such as; paper, paint, markers, crayons, glue, glitter etc. To expand on this interest of art, the campers were given the opportunity to have an open ended paint experience. They were given a variety of materials to explore and discover. The campers wanted to use paint of various colours, so they were able mix them together and make other colours. Large pieces of paper were provided to give the campers more room to create.

two children sitting at a mall table painting with blue and black paint on a paper

As the campers engage in this art experience it allows them to cultivate emotional growth as they experiment with different painting forms, the campers discovered a different understanding of what effects that painting/drawing can have on their emotions. Their emotions can be seen in their art work in different ways, for example when a camper draws their family you can see happiness and love in their creation or even facial expressions when they are painting. Expanded on expressing emotions the campers are as well able to benefit to emotional release, as painting allows them to relax their minds and let go of all the problems that contribute to a high-stress level during the day. When the campers create something beautiful through painting it stimulates their creative minds and relieves mental strains.

From detailed backgrounds to fine details in their creations, engaging in painting enhances the campers hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills with each stock they take with their paint brushes. Overall the Sr. Campers showed a sense of accomplishment and felt proud of their finished pieces as they showed their peers in the room.

child painting a picture of 3 different faces

child sitting painting with black paint over a stripe of yellow