Welcome Back

School-age 3

It’s great to have everyone back to school this September! It’s such a pleasure to have School-age 3 back together with a few. It seems the children were gravitating towards cardboard to make crafts. After school each day the children were asking if they could get some cardboard to use. Quintin mentioned that he has been working on his novel of the stick man and needed cardboard to make a ship for stick man. Also, he wanted to use cardboard to make stick man’s travel machine station. Quintin said, “I want to create a time travel machine for stick man to go into the future or into the past when there were dinosaurs.” I found it so fascinating how he became so involved when making his own story come to life by using cardboard and markers.

This month the children have been interested in jewels and gems that were added to the cart for the children to explore. Charlotte started using cardboard and sparkly hot glue, and got creative with the process. Charlotte added a variety of gems and placing it on the sparkly glue. Theia has also taken an interest in gems and jewels as well by using a recycled cardboard tube. She added gems and made her very own wand. She was so focused on the process of decorating her wand. She was so excited to show everyone what she had made.

The children have also been using cardboard pieces to make their own board games. This really encouraged the children to us their imagination and creative thinking. Sebastian created his own rules and directions of his board game. He has started making a Space Board Game. I am so proud of all that has been happening the first month back at school. This group isn’t afraid to express their own ideas of creativity. They find any form of loose parts from the cart and then from there they expand their creative minds by taking it into action. I am looking forward to seeing what creative things the children come up with next.

child sitting, holding a cardboard box on her lap, while using a hot glue gun child kneeling on the ground, holding onto a paper tube that she has decorated with jewls child holding his ship he has created with cardboard and tape