Food Allergies

In an effort to provide an Allergy Safe environment, we ask that you do not send food from home unless your child has an approved Food Agreement, or if your child(ren) attend one of RisingOaks Early Learning location with a bagged lunch policy.


RisingOaks is committed to the fundamental principle of providing and maintaining a healthy environment for all children and staff. In particular, this includes all those who may be susceptible to anaphylaxis, the term used to describe acute, severe, life-threatening allergic reactions to a substance. RisingOaks' goal is to minimize and control allergies through education. Employees and students that work in the centres are required to participate in anaphylaxis training bi-annually. In addition, a review of the use of Epi-pens and Twinjects® is conducted a minimum of twice annually.

Although it is difficult to ensure a risk-free environment, RisingOaks has designated all of its locations as “Allergy Safe” and will not knowingly serve nut products. Anaphylactic reactions to other substances (for example: eggs & milk) are dealt with on a case by case basis. RisingOaks requires that any individual (e.g., children, employees, students, and volunteers) at risk for anaphylaxis have an Individual Emergency Anaphylaxis Plan.

Click here for more information on our Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan

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Can I bring food into the centre?

Due to our Anaphylaxis policy, children are not permitted to bring food into the centre unless they have a food agreement or attend a full day for YDP or Summer Camp Program.