Before & After School - JK to age 12

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Full Day Child Care - 3 months to school-age

1. Need care right now or 12 months from now?


2. Join the Central Registry and Waiting List - visit OneList Waterloo Region


  • If you are a new user, create a user account.


  • Enter parent details, such as your address and contact info.


  • Add your children and identify care requirements.


  • Select the "Apply to Programs" button shown beside your child's name.


  • Choose "Waterloo Region Licensed Child Care"


  • Search for child care near your home or work:


    • Use the map tool.


    • Search manually by the centre name (eg., Owl Child Care Services) or based on a physical address.


  • Read program descriptions.


  • Place your child on the "List" for the required program(s) at the centre(s) of your choice. (Since you're visiting this page, we suspect Owl will be one of your top choices; thank you!)


  • You will receive an email confirming the lists your child is on for reference.

IMPORTANT: You only need to apply to an Owl centre for one program at your child's current age. (i.e. If you apply to the infant program and do not get a spot, your application will automatically age promote to the next age group - the toddler program.) Please do not apply for the Infant, Toddler and Preschool programs at the same time as this affects the registration process.

3. Initial Follow Up


  • Our staff will receive an email notifying us that someone new has joined our List.


  • Upon review of the details, the centre Supervisor will contact you to confirm that we have your information and whether a space is available or you will remain on the List.


  • If you wish, you may request a tour at this time, even if space is not yet available.


4. If space is available:


  • You will be offered a tour of our centre/programs and provided with a package of information and forms to complete. This includes the Application for Enrolment.


  • Once your forms are received and a customer deposit paid, your space will be guaranteed and your start date confirmed.


  • We'll go back into OneList to "Place" your child in our program. You will receive an email confirmation from the system.


  • You are encouraged to log back into OneList to update your care requirements.


    • Perhaps you wish to be removed from all Lists?


    • Perhaps you wish to remove your child from all other Lists, but remain on another Owl List closer to home or for the next age group?


5. If you are remaining on the List:


  • You are welcome to request a tour now or in the future to learn more about our programs and policies.


  • You will receive an email update every month (generated by OneList) to confirm your care requirements and the Lists your child is on.


  • Log in and update your Lists at any time.


  • Contact the centre(s) of your choice to check in and determine your status on the list.


    • Due to waitling list priorities, your status may change over time. For instance, if someone joins the list that is in a higher priority group, it may bump you down the list. Despite this, our supervisors will be open and transparent with you to assist you in planning care for your child.

Owl's Waiting List Priorities

1.1. Owl has established the following priority system for offering available spaces to those on the waiting list:

  1. Children of Owl employees (to facilitate their ability to work)
  2. Children in care who need to move into the next age group
  3. In no specific order: · Children in care who need to increase their days of care · Siblings of children already enrolled · Children of Owl board members
  4. Children wishing to transfer from one Owl centre to another
  5. All other applicants

1.2. Notwithstanding the above priority system, applicants requesting full-time care will receive priority within a given group when a full-time space is being filled.

Waiting List policy