Owl Child Care Services has proudly served the Waterloo Region since 1981.

A non-profit, registered charity, Owl is one of the largest centre-based licensed child care agencies in the Region. We provide care for children 3 months to 12 years of age and serve over 1,200 children a day through 8 centres in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and Ayr, and 11 Youth Development Programs within the Waterloo Regional District School Board.

Our Vision - Every child is valued and reaches their full potentialOur Mission - Owl Child Care provides nurturing, play-based early learning to support each child in realizing their potential while giving families peace of mind

Our Values:     Acceptance: a sense of belonging for each child.     Play: as an integral part of early learning to develop the whole child.     Potential: of each child and staff.     Partnerships: with families, staff and our community

We believe that...

  • every child is valued and has a right to a caring, safe and stimulating environment.
  • early learning experiences have a significant effect on later life and that diverse experiences develop well-rounded individuals.
  • staff have a right to a respectful, safe and healthy work environment.
  • quality of care is positively influenced by staff who are well-educated and supported in their life-long learning

a content divider that looks like a hand-drawn lineStrategic Plan - Advocate for Children, Achieve our Potential, strengthen our brand

Three Strategic Priorities


Advocate for Children

Owl supports universal child care – a national system, that includes non-profit operators, and focusses on quality, affordability and accessibility. By focussing on our new advocacy goals, building that credibility, we can increase Owl’s influence – on behalf of our members and educators. This will lead to a stronger voice related to regulatory and legislative changes that affect children and families. By advocating for children Owl has 2 goals:

  • To build credibility for Owl among decision-makers, the media, and the public
  • To create and implement an advocacy agenda


Achieve our Potential

The Ministry of Education defines Pedagogy as the understanding of how learning takes place and the philosophy and practice that supports that understanding of learning. Essentially it is the study of the teaching and learning process. At Owl, we have committed to improving our practice of pedagogical leadership and to improve resourcing in this area, thus having a positive impact on the quality of Owl’s programs and supporting our new vision statement. By Achieving our Potential Owl has 2 goals:

  • To implement the board-approved expansion plan
  • To enhanced resourcing for pedagogical leadership within and across our programs


Strengthen our Brand

Our brand is a foundational piece. Strengthening our brand will help us to achieve the other two priorities.

Click here to learn more about our Rebranding Project.


Owl's Board of Directors believes in the following governance principles:

  • There is a strong and clear Vision, Mission and strategic direction for the organization that is understood by the Board of Directors, management, employees and other Owl stakeholders.
  • The Board of Directors is comprised of qualified individuals who can work well together and who can add value to the organization by virtue of their experience and background in and outside of the organization.
  • The Board of Directors makes informed decisions in the best interests of the organization as a whole, in keeping with sound business principles and respectful of the organization's culture.
  • There is a clear understanding by the Board of Directors and management of the distinct roles and responsibilities of each.
  • There is excellent communication between Owl and its stakeholders

To further clarify the governance roles and practices used at Owl, the Board of Directors has adopted the Governance Excellent Model as the formal governance model for Owl.

This image illustrates the Governance Excellence Model as a diamond with Reflect, Select, Expect, Direct & Protect, connect and Respect as the points, going clockwise from the top

The Governance Excellence Model illustrates the keys for boards to do their part in making their organizations successful. Shown as a diamond-a GEM-it has six facets or areas of responsibility. There are disciplines associated with each area of responsibility and these disciplines capture the essence of the board's work.

The Governance Excellence Model was developed by Jim Brown, author of The Imperfect Board Member and Partner at Strive!

To learn more about each of the disciplines within the GEM, visit http://www.strive.com/models/gem.aspx


Get In Touch

At Owl, one of our guiding principles is to conduct our business in a manner that fosters and promotes effective 2-way communication between all stakeholder groups.

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