Infant Program

From birth to 18 Months

This full-day early learning program is offered on a full time basis (5 full days per week).

Learning through play with safety as a priority.
Our educators work with each family to make the transition as smooth as possible. We create a partnership with families and provide support in introducing new foods, self-regulation and other areas to help meet the individual needs of your child.

As well, our educators are trained in standard first aid and CPR, the use of epi-pens, and other requirements of individual medical and/or support plans. Secure, key-fob access is in place at each location.

Qualified educators who genuinely care.
All RisingOaks educators are registered members of Ontario's College of Early Childhood Educators and are committed to providing your child with the tools to discover their world through play, building on their curiosity as the foundation to becoming lifelong learners.

What does a typical day look like?
When the weather allows, we move outside, providing rich learning opportunities and fresh air. During this time, children will explore to make sense of the world around them, engage in gross motor activities and tactile play.

Our classrooms focus on play and will engage your child in their natural curiosity focusing on creativity, physical activity, language, numeracy, social development and science - even from such a young age!

Our educators will support you and your child as they transition from breast milk or formula to pureed foods to solid foods. As appropriate, our on-site cook prepares healthy morning and afternoon snacks, and a home-cooked lunch every day, so you know your child is having nutritious meals.

Your child has their own crib for naps throughout the day in our staff-supervised sleep room. We follow your child’s schedule and carefully document meals, naps and diaper changes, which is emailed to you so you know exactly what happened throughout the day. We also include a moment of learning or a discovery your child made!

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Parent Handbook

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Easy steps to registration

OneList is the place where all applications for licensed care in Waterloo Region are submitted. You can also come here to apply for financial help to pay for child care, and special needs supports. Applying is easy. Click on the button below to learn more about registration with RisingOaks Early Learning.

A supervisor will follow up with you by email. You may also book a tour of the centre to learn more about the program. Once a spot becomes available, you will be contacted by the centre Supervisor and provided with a Registration Package.


Peace of mind. Learning through play.

It’s a busy world. Knowing your child is learning and growing in a supportive environment with a focus on learning, personal relationships and growing independence lets you rest easy. You're providing them the opportunity for a lifetime of learning in a safe, happy environment.