Happy daughter, happy mom. And all thanks to RisingOaks Early Learning staff. RisingOaks is fabulous for our daughter and our family. We refer to it as our daughter's "utopia". The staff are experienced, warm, calm, and creative - adept at fostering emotional, social, and intellectual growth in young children. Love the multitude of crafts and diversity of activities since our daughter is super energetic; and a great indoor space with a playroom. What I love the most is the strong sense of community among the teachers. We don't have a big family but now my daughter has the chance of having one. Parents actually enjoy dropping off/picking up their child there as the atmosphere is so cool and friendly. Thank you for taking care of my daughter the way you do!

— Mihaela

Both of my sons attended RisingOaks Early Learning  since 2009, at the St. Nicholas location. The leaders and staff have been part of our family now for 6 years. From the staff, to our favourite cook Janice, to our fearless leader Joanne, my boys will always have wonderful, fond memories of the time they spent there. The childhood educators at RisingOaks have been a "constant" in our often crazy busy lives, and the support and peace of mind that your children are being cared for by kind and educated people has been invaluable. Thank you! XO

— Shannon Lester

Our daughter Rebecca (an active participant since she was 2 years old) has participated in her first Summer Camp experience with the Sr. Camp. I admit that we were particularly nervous as this was our daughter's first experience in a summer camp. I discussed my concerns with the centre supervisor at the beginning of the summer, particularly regarding the field trips that were organized, sometimes "far away" from KW. She reassured me about the camper/teacher ratio and about all the precautions that are taken to ensure the safety of the children. I shared the program with Rebecca, she was very excited to be part of the camp and so we decided to sign her up. The Sr. Camp turned out to be the most amazing experience for our daughter. We want to compliment the staff (Keri, Nadine, Nydia, Rukmanie, Marianne, and Patti). We don't have enough words to express our admiration for this group of ladies and all the substitute teachers that interacted with our daughter throughout the summer. These individuals went above and beyond to make the summer camp experience a memorable one for our child. The activities that were organized were fun, educational, and safe. The field trips were very well organized and the supervision (I accompanied my daughter on two occasions) was flawless. My deepest thank you to all of them! We also want to express in writing our thank you for the pre-school teachers who taught our son Matthias during his last summer at RisingOaks Early Learning, as a pre-schooler (He's now in full day JK and participates in before and after care). Betty, Laci, Ayada and Joanne, another group of dedicated teachers who go above and beyond each day for the kids they have in their care. Matthias has matured and improved so much on many of his skills because of them! I truly cannot say enough about the quality of care we continue to receive at the St. Matthew location. We are lucky to have such a fantastic circle of child care professionals teaching our kids and we go to work with peace of mind knowing that our kids are with them. Keep up the fantastic work! You are all outstanding teachers and people!

— Carla and Chris Girolametto

Our children ranging in age from toddler to age 8 are with this location and we’re all so happy with the staff from the office to the class. Staff and director are so kind and caring. I know our infant will be so happy here when he starts in July! Thank you to all of you for being so attentive to our children and making everyday a learning experience!

— Saint John Paul II parent

Love getting the monthly Newsletter & updates especially with this busy life of quick drop offs & pick-ups--lol! My son really enjoys his time at the center and looks forward to seeing all his friends and teachers! I've noticed a great advance in his knowledge and developmental skills since attending--Thank you!

— Christina Simeonoff

From the bottom of our heart, thank you for the time and care you all put into organizing these meetings for the children during Covid-19. Our daughter looked forward to these meetings every week and although she was quite shy, her smile said a thousand words. We appreciate all of the work you put into the activities that we did over the Zoom call and the additional resources you provided to help us get through this difficult time. Your creativity with the activities has always amazed us!
We have no doubt that because of you all, our daughter's transition back to Preschool 2 team at RisingOaks Early Learning | Lincoln Road will me much easier on her and on us.
Again, thank you thank you thank you! It is very clear to us that you very much love what you do and the children and to us that means the world.
We look forward to seeing you all soon!

— Alison

We just wanted to express our sincere gratitude to the lovely educators who worked with our son in Preschool 2 for the last year. Mary, Nidya, Chenoa and Melissa have went above and beyond in regards to the care, learning and fun they bring to the classroom each and every day.
Our son started his Preschool experience back in Aug 2018. We had a wonderful first interaction with Lisa through various emails and she certainly set the tone that RisingOaks would be happy, positive and full of valuable tools to take with him to Kindergarten. Denise also provided many answers to questions, where details were of importance to us. We can definitly see why the organization is run so well, Lisa and Denise lead with a full heart and lots of laughs.
Our son came into preschool with a limited vocabulary and a more timid approach to a whole classroom experience. Prior to this he was in home day care with only 2 other children. This was a big step for mom and dad as well as our son. We had fears and worries, especially regarding his speech as we knew he was getting there at home but at Preschool he just wasn’t ready to show his stuff. Through the dedication of the wonderful teachers, he was given opportunities to enhance his speech and social skills with modelling, role playing and reminders for him to use his big boy words. Through encouragement, praise and lots of love, he started to excel in his language and interacting with students in his class. We started to here about his friends and what happened in his day. We are so thankful for his experience at RisingOaks Early Learning. We see a little boy who wants to play with friends, tell us about his day, Good or bad :) and his confidence has soared.
As parents our job is to provide anything and everything we can for our children. By making the choice to enroll at here, we as parents feel we got it right. RisingOaks offered everything we could have wanted. A safe environment, love, understanding, and most important finding not just a way to learn but the best way that our son could learn. It is a child care centre that we will recommend over and over again to friends and family. Thank you so much to every staff member at RisingOaks who has crossed paths with our son, who provided his delicious meals, who offered a reassuring smile :)

— Ryan & Tiela

My son absolutely loves "school" and it's 100% because of the wonderful staff at RisingOaks Early Learning | St. Brigid, especially our #1 team in Toddler 2. They took the time to get to know my son, build a rapport based on trust and caring with him and with us, and as a bonus they know exactly how to handle his "indecisiveness" and silliness in a constructive way.
He bonded especially quick to Emily, and she was really our rock during transition and remains special to us for the role she plays in my sons daily life. Steph is always calm and caring, especially when things are off to a hectic start at 7am - Her patience never seems to waver. Melody is always down on the floor with the kids reading books, pulling off snow suits or refereeing potty breaks. She will do whatever it takes with a smile in her face. I feel really good about the care and education they provide for my child every single day. My son is blossoming into such a smart, funny and caring child and this is the direct result of the toddler 2 program and how well it compliments our home life.
My son will make pretend food at home and proclaim he is "cooking like Jen!". He sees the Flanagan food delivery truck in the parking lot and knows it has food for Jen to cook in it, he gets so excited. He adores her and when she brings food to his class, I'm told lol.
On a seperate note, I love that educators I have never met or met only a few times know my son's name and he smiles and interacts with them in the hall which tells me they go the extra mile even when the child isn't in their primary program.
I gush about the care our child receives daily any chance I get. My son loves his educators and his program and we love the positive effect it has had on our family, but mostly that the team is working with us to ensure my son reaches his fullest potential with the best start all of us can give him.

— Sarah W.

Being a sensitive mom, leaving Logan when he was just 6 months was so hard. And then the transition from infant to toddler room was also hard. What put me at ease however was knowing I was leaving him with the most amazing, loving, happy, fun educators. It is not easy choosing the right day care, but from his first educators at RisingOaks Early Learning | St-Brigid - Kiva, Michelle, Velvet and Ally, to his toddler educators Sara, Jenna and Britany, I knew Logan was in good hands. You girls are so compassionate and really show how much you love what you do and for that I appreciate and thank you for everything you do.
Jen, you have such an important job. You make sure my little guy has a full belly with plenty of delicious meals and snacks...you need to remember everyone’s allergies and preferences and you plan or alter your lunches to accommodate when you can which is 100% appreciated. I also see you joining in ratio when you’re needed and your interaction with the children is happy and relaxed, even though I’m sure you have a bunch of stuff to do in the kitchen to get ready for the day. And for that, I thank you!
Alisha and Denise, I strongly believe every good team steams from having good leaders. You are 100% the reason why the day care functions the way it does. So thank you for being amazing and having amazing staff. Logan, myself and Pierre are very lucky and happy to be working with all of you amazing, loving educators!

— Kayla

Having had my daughter in a home daycare for her first year, I was nervous and apprehensive to move to a center but RisingOaks Early Learning has surpassed my high expectations and calmed any feelings of doubt. What brings me the most comfort is to see the bond that my daughter has with her direct teachers which developed fairly quickly. To be able to say that you truly trust and respect those who teach, guide, care and comfort your little one is huge. I am so happy that RisingOaks Early Learning | St. Brigid opened and am looking forward to the next chapter, pre-school, together!

— Cheryl Jameson

Choosing RisingOaks Early Learning was such an easy decision for our family. We have been a part of the family at the St. Brigid location since they opened their doors in January 2018 and have loved every moment of it. The transition for my children and for myself as well, was seamless because from day one they felt a sense of belonging in the program. The educators create an environment that is warm and welcoming filled with endless possibilities for the children to learn, play and explore. The relationships our family has built with the educators and other families have been wonderful. The learning that happens throughout the day is evident not only in the incredibly beautiful written documentation done by the educators, but also in the stories my children share with me at the end of the day. We are so thankful to be part of such an incredible place.

— Sutton Miller

I love the personal touch that RisingOaks Early Learning offers. I feel like all the care givers are an extention of our family. I'm never worried about my son, as I know that the team here cares very much for all the children they watch over.  It is a great feeling as a mother to feel that your child is safe. I also am floored by the educational side. His vocab has excelled 2-fold since joining the program, and all the learning activities daily has really been amazing to see his engagement with.
I dont know what I would do without you at this point. You're all so awesome!

— Ania

I just wanted to write you a note to try to convey how thankful I am for the warm welcome and attention to my daughter's needs, and the encouragement you've given her to face some of her fears. Now at RisingOaks Early Learning, she's excited to go in the morning. I'm so happy to recieve her daily log, in which I've felt comforted to read that my daughter has been supported in her needs, helped and motivated to try to face her fears, adn that she is interacting with her peers. In only two weeks, she's happier at home after school and when we drive away she says, "Bye new school, see you tomorrow!" It is such a relief to know that she is happy and well cared for when I have to go to work. Thank you so very much.

—  RisingOaks Early Learning | St. Nicholas Parent

My little one loves RIsingOaks Early Learning, so much. We are so lucky to send her to the St. Nicholas location. She tells us that she loves the school and teachers whenever we pick her up. All the staff including the teachers are very professional and have talent to make friends with kids.They helped my child get a very good routine, a happy day full of fun and learning.

— Lili Sun

For me, quality begins with the staff, including all of the teachers, the administration and the cook. It always impresses and amazes me that all of the staff show a genuine interest, warmth and kindness towards all of the children, as well as to the parents. They have always been there to answer any questions I have about my son's progress (emotionally, socially, intellectually, physically), the curriculum and the goings-on of the centre. They always have a smile.

— Sheri Mathis

My experience with the RisingOaks Early Learning, dates back to 1993 when I enrolled my son in the infant program at the former Northland location. At that time there were very few programs accepting infants so I felt very fortunate to secure a placement in a brand new facility that I would come to know was staffed by very caring and competent early childhood educators. I enrolled my second son in the infant program two years later and remained with the organization until my children were of age to leave for elementary school. Over the years, I have referred numerous friends and acquaintances here. As recently as this week, I called for yet another referral and was pleasantly surprised to speak to two former excellent care givers of my children who are now involved as centre Supervisors. The infant I enrolled in 1993 has entered his first year of university. I would like to thank RisingOaks for giving both of my children a great head start.

— Barbara Kelly-Hough

We evaluated many options throughout the K-W region in terms of child care for our daughter- from private home child care to other for-profit centres to non-profit centres. As any parent knows, there is a lot of pressure that we place upon ourselves to make the right choice in child care for our children. We interviewed and visited approximately a dozen homes and centres and short-listed them to 3 (1 home daycare, 1 centre, and RisingOaks Early Learning). In the end, hands-down, RisingOaks was the clear favourite of mommy, daddy, and baby. They helped us transition nicely and with open arms and were extremely helpful and supportive all throughout. And, very quickly, we saw the benefits to their programs in nurturing our daughter intellectually, physically and emotionally. Its such a joy to know that our daughter gets excited to see her teachers and classmates on a daily basis. Thank you!

— Leon & Ceyda Punambolam

As an only child, and needing child care, I chose RisingOaks Early Learning. Being a staff member it was a decision that came a little easier than normal for our family. My husband and I enrolled our child at 18 months in the toddler program and she continued through until that sad day when she was ready to move to Grade 1 and her time with this great organization came to an end. Because of the love, support and encouragement, my daughter received in those years, she now shows those same traits towards her teachers and peers in grade one. She will always refer back to a routine or rule that a staff has set for her, and will sometimes remind us as parents that she is right. The staff are friendly, positive and are dedicated to their work. So many thanks to RisingOaks and the amazing staff. Because of them I have a wonderful little girl who loves her school, teachers, peers and the world around her. Because of their hard work a strong foundation was formed and her early life skills got off to a great start. 

— Mary Klug

I just returned from a Social Work Conference and wanted to e-mail you while this was fresh on my mind. One of the sessions I attended was all about "emotional Intelligence (EQ)", and how EQ will be much more important than IQ in the near future to identify leaders. It was all about building EQ and learning these skills to a better leader/manager. This made me reflect on the wonderful Tools for Life program that teaches our kids, and reminds me why RisingOaks Early Learning - is the best option for helping our kids meet their highest potential in life! Keep up the great work, you are ahead of the curve.

— Nancy Gibbs-Keithlin

I am volunteering in the centres as a preschool pal. So far I love I love the position. I get to hang out with the kids and have fun. The kids love me so much. RisingOaks Early Learning has really helped me in the future for finding a job. Without volunteer opportunites like these, I wouldn't be graduating next year so thank you.

— Michelle

We feel so lucky to have our daughter attending RIsingOaks Early Learning. The teachers show so much passion, energy and love for these kids that I feel they are an extension of our daughter's family. They have helped shape her development in so many incredible ways. There is truly something special going on at RisingOaks that we haven't seen anywhere else.

— Shawn Fogarty

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