Inclement Weather Closures

Safety for children in our care and our staff is paramount at RisingOaks Early Learning. If there is a power outage or weather conditions that risk the safety of children, families and staff, our centres will be closed.

How do frigid temperatures affect closures?

If the temperature reaches, or is forecasted to reach, -35°C or colder with the wind-chill, school buses will not operate but schools and RisingOaks Early Learning centres may or may not be closed. The decision for school closure is based on additional factors related to severe weather conditions. When schools close, due to inclement weather,  RisingOaks’ centres must also close.

We closely monitor weather conditions and resulting school board decisions that affect RisingOaks' programs.

In extreme cold there is an increased risk of evacuation (e.g, due to burst pipes) and RisingOaks does not have access to regular emergency shelters - mainly other schools. During frigid temperatures, frostbite can happen within minutes of skin being exposed. Younger ages are even more susceptible to extreme cold.

If centres are open, please ensure children are dressed appropriately.

Possible Situations

snowflake illustrationIf school boards close schools.
RisingOaks Early Learning centres will be closed.

snowflake illustrationIf buses are cancelled, schools may be open.
We will be open if the schools are.

snowflake illustrationIf school closures happen during the day.
You will be contacted for an early pick-up.

Closures that happen during the day may be a result of change in weather or road conditions. RisingOaks will make every effort to contact members by phone and email. Individual school closures, due to a power failure, will close only the affected RisingOaks centre.

Frequently Asked Questions

What conditions cause RisingOaks Early Learning to close?

Ice, fog, rain, sleet, snow, wind, power outages and frigid temperatures that reach -35˚ or colder with the wind chill.

When weather conditions are considered serious enough to raise concerns regarding the safety of students traveling to and from school.


How Closures are Communicated

  • Posted on our website and Facebook
  • Email sent to families
  • Radio announcements and Storm Centre postings:
    570 News (AM 570),
    Kool FM (105.3),
    Dave FM (107.5)