Terms of Reference: Government Relations Advisory Committee


Every child is valued and reaches their full potential.

RisingOaks Early Learning Ontario provides nurturing, play-based early learning to support each child in realizing their potential while giving families peace of mind.

To provide strategic advice to management and assist in formulating a government relations strategy for advocacy and to influence government child care policies and resources.

Accountability to the CEO


Planning and Reporting

  1. Chairperson to prepare the agenda on the approved template and send with supporting documents to the committee a minimum of 1 week prior to each committee meeting.
  2. Appoint a committee member to record the minutes of all committee meetings and to forward the minutes to the CEO within 1 week of the meeting.

Authority & Responsibilities:

  1. The Committee has authority within the policy parameters and budget established by the Board to:
    • Promote the development and support of relationships with elected officials and government staff at all levels of government; supply appropriate contact points in political, bureaucratic and media circles as appropriate.
    • Identify and recommend government relations messages, strategies and actions
      for RisingOaks Early Learning Ontario.
    • Review and comment upon recommendations and/or proposed programs or
    • Provide RisingOaks’ CEO with pertinent information on identified
      issues and opportunities.
    • In consultation with the CEO, liaise with RisingOaks’ Governance committee and Board of Directors as appropriate.
    • As requested, be involved in appropriate representations with the CEO or Board Chair to appropriate federal, provincial or local officials, media outlets and other stakeholders.
    • Conduct an annual government relations strategy and policy review suggesting any changes/improvements for discussion/consideration by the CEO and/or the Board;
    • Assist the CEO in monitoring the effectiveness of government
      relations efforts; and
    • Support RisingOaks’ Board of Directors in their government relations efforts through the provision of resources and training as appropriate.

This committee will meet quarterly, with additional meetings and email discussion as required.


  • The Chairperson and any member of the Board will serve no longer than his or her term on the Board.
  • Non-Board members of the Government Relations Advisory Committee will serve for a term of two years (i.e., April to March) and may be reappointed as may happen from time to time.

Committee Membership:

  • CEO (voice and vote) will chair this advisory committee.
  • Three (3) to Five (5) committee members will be selected for their individual and collective expertise in Government Relations, Advocacy, Policy Development and/or to represent various perspectives (ECE, parent, etc.)
    • Directors who serve on this committee do so as an individual, not a director, with no additional authority.

APPROVAL: Reviewed & Approved by the Board of Directors on December 30, 2020