June Flowers

Preschool 2

Preschool 2 at RisingOaks Early Learning | John Sweeney, warm weather brings Spring Flowers! On a sunny morning Hope went out on the grass with several friends to collect white flowers. During outdoor play, Hope sat down with friends and showed them ways they could make bracelets and necklaces by putting a hole in the stem of the flower and pull through another flower to make their own flower creation.

The children loved how the white flowers looked. We realized it was a great opportunity on extending the flower activity into a science experiment. The educators gathered three jars and with the help of the preschoolers, filled them with water and added food colouring. The children placed some flowers into each jar and observed to see if the flowers would change.  We asked the children to do a few check-in’s throughout the day to see if the colour of the flower’s changed. The children observed in the afternoon that the flowers were the same colour. The next day, we placed the jars on the table and observed the white flowers had in fact changed from white, to the same colour in the water they were in! They were amazed by results of the science experiment.

  The Preschoolers were inspired from this science experiment and wanted to learn further about the life cycle of a plant and what a plant needs in order to grow. At gathering time, we were learning about growing plants from seeds. We provided the children with an activity where they planted beans and wild flowers into the soil. The children have remembered to water the seeds daily. Everyday we would have the children observe if anything has grown and as the bean sprouted they noticed a big long green stem growing out of the bean The children concluded that the beans needed to be planted in a bigger space, and chose to plant them outside, on the playground.

colourful flowers

2 boys observing flowers

 Child and educator watering plants