Musical Intruments Project


Preschool 1

Completed: June 2019

RECEs: Alyssa, Emily, Michelle Hiebert and Simone

Objectives: To answer our questions about musical instruments.


The Preschool 1 children completed a project about musical instruments. The children explored how musical instruments are made, learned the sounds each instrument produces and how to properly play them. Through this project we formed a band called “Preschool Rock.” We were lucky to have so many guests come into our classroom to teach us about musical instruments. Hayden’s father, Adrian, educated us on drums from around the world. Jesse, a musician, brought in his guitar and played a few songs for us. He was able answer several of our questions about guitars. Lastly, we had a music teacher come into the classroom. She showed the children the variety of octaves that are used when singing a song and compared them to the octaves that an instrument produces. Each day, the children had several opportunities to explore a variety of instruments and make their own using loose parts.


boys observing a guitarmusician teaching children playing musical intruments










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