Hospital Project


Preschool 2

Completed: April 2018

RECEs: Janeth, Jennifer Schiedel, and Simone

Objectives: To learn more about the Emergency Room, the Maternity Ward, and Ambulances, along with procedures and the jobs of different people in the hospital.

The children in Preschool 2 explored hospitals after showing an interest in caring for an ‘injured’ friend. Throughout this project, the children gained knowledge.


children caring for a pretend patientThe scenario that started it all: Valentina and Jace are acting as the ambulance for Max, who needed help.


play doctor washing his hands

After watching a video on how a surgeon washes his hands, Matteo preps for surgery at our hospital sink. 


homemade pretend I.V.Charlotte L. and Isabelle are using our IV stand to give care to Oso. Charlotte is priming the IV while Isabelle applies it to her patient.



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