FEATURED STORY | For The Love of Science

FEATURED STORY | For The Love of Science


The toddlers have been exploring with all things science. Their interest stemed with the tile magnets in our classroom. To expand on their knowledge, educator Elaine brought in some horse shoe magnets that have both a positive and a negative side. This means one side will magnetize to the other magnet, while the other side will repel against it. The toddlers explored what these horseshoes magnets could do by putting them together, on cooking trays and even the door handles.

A week later the toddlers explored something called "Goop". Part cornstarch and part water, this makes a semi-solid. When moved through slowly, the goop is a liquid and when moving faster it's a solid. The toddlers first got to explore the goop with a spoon, but most of them went all in exploring with their hands.

Next up in science, this group learned all about carbonation. Using a can of sprite, the educator poured it into a jar and then handed the toddlers some bells. One by one the toddler put their bell into the soda and watched in amazement as the bells floated up and down in the liquid. This is caused by the carbonation bubbles collecting onto the bells, making the bells less dense, lifting them up to the top.


A toddler girl and a toddler boy are using the horseshoe magnets.

A toddler girl is using a spoon to scoop up goop.

A toddler educator is pouring Sprite into a bottle with some toddler children.