Sticky Glue Painting


Melody prepared glue with coloured paint and different tools for the children to explore.

Margo tested out each one on her paper…a paint brush, glue paddle, craft stick, sponge, and scrub brush.

Theo chose to use a paintbrush for quite some time before testing out the other items. Then he liked to watch the glue drip off his fingers. Theo and Margo found out at the same time that the glue was sticky as they watched their fingers stick together.

Leila started with the glue paddle while Ava liked to feel the glue in her fingers. Leila used the glue paddle to paint the sponge. She also spent much time painting her paint smock and hand with the glue paddle. Ava picked up all the tools, and rotated them in her hands to feel the sticky glue on them. She did lots of stirring with the craft stick and her finger in the glue too. Ava washed her hands with the glue as she felt the stickiness. Melody asked Ava if she was squishing the paint with her fingers. Ava liked to stack the bowls together and smiled.

Lloyd felt the paint with his finger and stacked the bowls too. Lloyd picked up the glue, squeezed his fingers and watched them stick and unstick as well as drip to the paper. Parker liked to squish the paint and bang the paint in the containers. Splash!

The children used their creativity to paint. They explored the cause and effect concept of glue being sticky. Since many of the children painted themselves, I wonder what they would do if we set up paint for body painting on the floor.

An infant has dipped their thumb into some coloured glue and is inspecting it closely.

An infant has dipped their fingers into some blue paint and is inspecting them closely.

An infant is dripping coloured glue onto their paper.