Earthworms Project


Preschool 1

Completed: August 2021

RECEs: Rachek, Shae, Fatima and Wesley

Objectives: To explore the children’s interest in earthworms. This interest was sparked by spotting a large earthworm coming out of one hole in the ground, and then heading down another.


girl posing beside her drawings

Children looking for worms

girl climbing a desk pointing to a worm on a table









This project started when on a nature scavenger hunt, we spotted an earthworm wiggling out of a hole and down into another one. We started to figure out what we know about earthworms and what we wanted to know about earthworms. On the playground we continued to search for earthworms.

Throughout the project the children learned about the life cycle of an earthworm, the anatomy of an earthworm, what earthworms like to eat and how they eat.

The preschool 1 group made their own earthworm farm by arranging layers of dirt and stripes of newspaper that we sprayed with water to help keep the habitat moist. Checking on the earthworm farm over the next few weeks the children discovered that sometimes the worms were hard to find. Good thing the farm was in a clear container so we could lift it up to see where they were.


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