Element of Surprise Project



Completed: December 2022

RECEs: Celine B., Shannon S., Melody B. and Jessica L.

Objectives: The infants were interested in hiding so we began to explore their fascination with the Element of Surprise. 


girl peeking out of a box with a hole

child holding a reflective toy as educator smiles at them

child peeking out from behind a sheet











The children have been finding creative things to hide themselves behind. They have been observed hiding their faces behind their hands, coming out from behind the door, looking out from inside the tunnel and through the hole of a puzzle to peek through. The children have been engaged in experiences, such as hiding under a table that was covered with a blanket. Nina found a way to turn a Pringles can and scarves activity into a form of peekaboo as she looked through the lid at Melody.


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