Recycling Project


Preschool 2

Completed: May 2017

RECEs: Mary, Kathy and Nidya

Objectives: To explore the children’s interest in where the garbage goes and what happens to it.

a full recycle blue bin washing out items in a bin

child made vehicle with recycled objects








The recycling project started with Benjamin expressing his concern to Mary about why she was throwing paper in the garbage. He said that he puts his paper in the blue bin at his home and that is where we should put all our papers. This lead to a discussion about the garbage pick up and the children building a garbage truck in the block centre.


We explored what the children knew about recycling and what they may want to know.

We started to use a blue bin and a green bin and learned about what goes in each. We also learned a lot about up-cycling on our trip to Value Village.


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