Movement Project



Completed: May 2022

RECEs: Celine B., Shannon S., Melody B. and Mary L.

Objectives: The infants explore a variety of options to climb, move and balance on.


girl climbing a ladder with educator assistance

infant stepping on pool noodles

infant sitting beside a spin toy











In February and March of 2022, the infants spent a lot of time climbing on shelves and the couch, as well as dancing and spinning around the room. We wondered what it was all about so we started to explore and started our project on Movement.  

To go along with our project on movement, Shannon brought in a ladder. The infants started exploring the ladder by walking under it like a tunnel. Some of the infants ventured to climb the ladders and others were very hesitant and came down after the first step.

We explored milk crates and learned that we could climb into them, on them, put toys in them, and move them around the room. Infants are so capable and confident when they are exploring movement and risk in safe environments.

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