Sharks and Whales Project


Preschool 2

Completed: June 2022

RECEs: Mary K., Nidya O, Melissa M.

Objectives: Preschool 2 children were interested in exploring the differences in Sharks and Whales.


Comparing whale and shark sizes on a chart with toys

children playing with shart and whale toys in buckets of water

child making a popsicle stick whale craft









We noticed that our group was interested in animals but mostly the sea animals. By the end of February, the children seemed to want either a shark or whale toy and would wait patiently for their turn with them. After over hearing a few conversations of food and animal size, the educators decided to ask the children if they wanted to learn more. Over the next few weeks, children explored what they eat, where they live, how big they are and so much more.


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