Exploring Literacy Outdoors

Program Name: Toddler 2

This month, many children in Toddler 2 have shown interest in reading and singing. Educators have observed remarkable developments in the children’s literacy skills as they explore books indoors and outdoors, fostering love for reading and storytelling.

Some of children’s favourite stories are “Five Little Ducks”, “Brown Bear”, and “Chicka Chicka Boom Boom”. Children sing along to stories enhancing language acquisition, rhythm, and phonological awareness. Educators incorporate actions into songs and stories which promotes motor skills and coordination. Isabella loves to recite stories to her peers which promotes social interaction and cooperative learning. To extend children’s learning they were provided with books in the playground. Also, they were given claves to enjoy making music outside. Toddlers loved to make music with claves by tapping them on metal pipes in the playground.

Children’s Expressions:

“I make music”- Isabella said while singing and tapping rhythm sticks.

“I see a bear”- Mackenzie identified animals in the brown bear book.

“ABC chicka- chicka”- Gigi expresses enthusiasm while engaging with alphabet sounds.

Children discovered various cozy spots in the playground, such as wooden logs to immerse themselves in books, showcasing affection for reading and appreciation of nature. Through interactions with books and songs, children develop literacy skills, expand their vocabulary, enhance cognitive abilities, and develop social connections. Outdoor reading and singing provide toddlers with a dynamic learning environment where they can explore, learn, and express themselves freely.

A child sitting on a stump while reading a book

A small group of children exploring the chime tubes with mallets and their hands

A child striking a chime tube with a mallet