Making Mud Muffins!

Program Name: Infant

This month the infant educators have noticed that the infants have enjoyed playing in the mud kitchen outside. The infants also enjoy indoor and outdoor sand and water play.

One day Educator Amanda decided to provide an expanded mud kitchen activity for the infants. Water was put in the sink of the mud kitchen, water was also added to big bowls and other containers. The educators also provided spoons, scoops, shovels and muffin tins for the infants to explore. The infants quickly gathered around the sand box to explore the water and sand. Liam used the excavator to scoop up water from the sink. Sunny enjoyed splashing in the water with her hand. Some of the infants used their hand-eye coordination to scoop sand from the sandbox and add it to the muffin tins. Other Infants used their fine motor skills to hold onto spoons and mix up the water. This activity also fostered the infants' sense of touch as they were able to feel the water, sand and mud when both mixed together. It is safe to say that all the infants enjoyed this activity as they all needed a change of clothes when we went back inside!

We wonder what other activates we can do with our mud kitchen?

A child dipping her hand in a water and sand mixture

A child using a scoop with sand and water

Children sitting in the sandbox exploring the sand