Snail Hunt

Program Name: Toddler 1

After winter, the Toddler 1 group was excited to explore the outdoors. Due to construction, we were unable to use our playground therefore toddlers spent most of their time outdoors walking in the forest and exploring. We have a small pond near the community centre, our group went for an adventure walk and exploration. On our way to the forest, some of the toddlers expressed their interest to investigate snails and worms. An educator decided to initiate a snail hunt. The Toddlers expressed their love and kindness for nature.

After observing the children’s excitement, the educators created a “Snail Hub”. They found small containers to create tiny habitats for their new friends. The children were fascinated by the snail’s shiny, spiral shell and how the snail moved with such gentle grace. The Toddlers were very excited and curious about what snails eat and how to care for them and wondered, how they could keep their snails happy and healthy. The children then shared their own snacks with the snails!

The children learned about the importance of respecting all living creatures, no matter how small, and they discovered that even tiny beings play a crucial role in the world around them. We noticed the Toddlers' curiosity and compassion grew with each new discovery. Through their journey, the Toddlers learned that exploration, patience, and care can turn simple outdoor adventures into meaningful lessons about life and the natural world.

A child holding a worm they found

A child holding a worm they found

Children sitting while observing and investigating the snails they found

Some snails the toddlers found