A Second Home!


A classroom/school is considered a second home for children. They experience their first time away from home with completely new people. It becomes a space where they can explore and enhance their capabilities while also creating beautiful bonds that shape their personalities.

When Everleigh noticed Hudson and Laura trying to use the wooden arc as see-saw, she excitedly went there to help them move the arc in a see-saw manner while also joining her peers. This showed their kind and helpful side as they understand and learn compassion.

Toddlers rocking together
Felix, Finn and Chloe joined a game that Mia and their educator were playing. They quickly understood and started to follow the rules of the game as they waited for their turn to throw the soft blocks and catch them. It helps them learn the routines and rules present around them.

toddlers hugging
We saw the emotional aspect of our children where they enjoyed giving hugs to their new friends to make them feel welcomed and loved in their new settings. Finn is happy to share his hugs with Laura and Mia.

Toddlers engaged with children on the carpet

As the toddlers work on the social aspect of their personality, they develop understanding of their environment, learn and respect feelings and emotions of each other. It begins to shape them into individuals that they grow up to be. Finn’s hugs might be enough to make Mia feel belonged and more at ease in her new environment.
Learning and naming the emotions to better understand what they(toddlers) need in that moment.