All Things Snow


As the snow began to fall the toddlers started to show their curiosity. Educators provided the toddlers with shovels at first to see what they would do! Some of them brought their prior knowledge from raking leaves and began to scoop up the snow with their shovels.

As their interest continues to be sparked, we brought sleds out too.

The sleds gave the opportunity for the toddlers to work as a team to pull around their peers. The sleds also gave the toddlers a chance to see how fast they could go down the hill. Together with the help of Sheri, the toddlers engaged in sledding down the hill and pulling the sleds back up for another peer to have a turn.

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Snow is also the perfect background to paint on, together with Sandii the toddlers watched as she mixed different colours together to make new colours. As she created the colours, she asked “what colour is this?” While outside the toddlers practiced holding onto the bottles while wearing their mitts. The toddlers soon realized it was a little trickier but as they put their mind to it the colours began to spray out of the bottle onto the white snow! Once the bottles were empty the snow was full of colour!

Toddler Exploring in the Snow
Soon we found more activities to do with snow, educator Simran created a snowman with the preschool group. This sparked more interest as the toddlers worked together using their problem-solving skills to remake the snowman that fell over. Lyle, Kobe and Everleigh paid extra attention to detail as they wanted to reattach the snow man pieces. This created the idea to make out own snow people inside. Sheri cut out different shapes needed to make a snowman. This included circles and triangles. Each toddler was given the opportunity to creatively make their own snowy piece of art. Joanne paid extra attention as she was able to use her paper to fit two snowmen while her peers created one!

Toddlers admiring their snowman

Snow always gives us more to explore while we see the snowy world differently. Whether it is cold, fluffy, melty or sparkly it gives us something fun to explore with our senses.