Building Connections of Empathy


Over the course of three months, the educators in the program have documented many organic displays of empathy between the children and the more-than-human entities.

“My baby,” says Chloe. She gently strokes the dolls head and begins to dress it.

Toddler caring for baby doll

Hudson noticed Koby feeling sad. He came over and said, “Hug?” and Kobe extended his arm out to him.

Two Toddlers hugging

Chloe, Everleigh, and Zyan showing where the ants live and what they eat.

Zyan watering the plant with the understanding that water is plants food.

This observation evolved into many political topics such as who is capable of empathy as well as giving voices to the more-than-human. We have observed many displays of empathy and as we move forward, we wonder how we can provide more opportunities to support this growth.

As we view children as unique, capable human beings we can co-create new possibilities of living well with one-another. This means that as we as educators recognize the impact of inquiries, curriculums, discussions, and actions that have integral and profound impact on the lives of children we work alongside.