School-age 1

School-age 1 have been extending their time outdoors, enabling them to engage in more exploration, caterpillars have become a particular point of interest.

The children in school age 1 have often been showing a gentle and caring attitude towards caterpillars as they take care of them and then proudly share them with their friends, each taking turns to hold them delicately. Simran provided children with magnifying glasses to enable them closely inspect and observe the caterpillar. As Finley closely observed the caterpillar, a curious thought crossed their mind- how many legs does a caterpillar have? Meanwhile, Layla focused her attention on the hair on the caterpillar’s body. Through their interactions with caterpillars and the use of magnifying glasses, developed their observation skills and nurtured their curiosity.

school age child looking at a caterpillar through a magnifying glass while sitting on the ground

Through participating in interactions and displaying a deep interest in caterpillars led us to create our own caterpillars. To expand more on this interest, the kindergarteners were given rocks, sticks and an anatomical image of a caterpillar. Upon entering the classroom, the children were interested by the anatomy picture, taking note of the number of legs it posses and determining the number of rocks required to construct the body. As they worked on their caterpillars, we discovered that real caterpillars’ posses a total of 15 legs. This hands on activity not only sparked the children’s curiosity about caterpillars but also fostered their creativity and helped them understand the physical features of caterpillars.

 school age childre sitting at a table with black paper, glue , sticks and rocks and images of caterpillars


image of segmented caterpillar and recreation using sticks and stones

 Overall these activities and interactions provided the kindergartens with valuable opportunities to enhance their understanding of caterpillars but also fostered their curiosity and love for nature.