Creating Structures

School-age 1

In school-age 1 the children have consistently demonstrated a Interest In building with magnet tiles and legos. Recently, Playstix have become a popular choice among the children In school-age 1. Playstix provide a open ended construction environment where children can unleash their creativity, problem solve and enhance their spatial awareness skills.

Majority of the children in school age 1 have mostly used their imagination to come up with creative ideas. Finley and his friends created cars with foam pieces that were found in various of shapes which were used for the wheels of their cars. Some of them made big cars whereas other children decided to make small cars. As Finely and his friends worked hard on their cars, their imaginative play helped them think outside of the box with a sense of curiosity.

group of school age childre using  groved coloured dowels to stack

Riggins and Mateo communicated effectively, sharing ideas and making decisions together to ensure their military tank would be the tallest. By working together and combining their ideas, Riggins and Mateo were able to create their tallest military tank that met their expectations. Their effective communication and collaboration not only resulted in a successful build but also strengthened their friendship and their ability to work together towards a goal.

2 children building at rectangular structure using groved coloured structures.

Our next step Involve diving deeper Into the creativity of school-age 1 and offering a wider range of open ended materials to observe what they can construct with different