Exploring and Play with the a Variety of Shell Parts in a Truff tray


One of the most favourite activity in the preschool room is to explore loose parts in tuff tray with a bunch of friends and It all means to us that our preschoolers get engaged and focused sitting around the tuff tray and spending plenty of time playing and exploring loose parts with their peers.Tuff trays play can offer opportunities for independent exploratory play where children can develop a sense of self. They also allow for early years children to engage in social play, in which they learn how to play together, socialise and collaborate.

group of preschool children gathered over and black tuff tray with an assortment of loose materials
Children love open ended materials, because of the possibilities they offered them. Exploring open ended materials encourages imagination, creativity and problem solving skills. Every day we provide different open ended materials to explore it in tuff tray. One day we provided natural loose parts such as seashells and it turned out meaningful activity and took a meaningful conversation among the peers and educator. As they saw seashells in the tuff tray everyone screamed and invited their friends to tuff tray to play with the seashells. Zyaire was very excited and started making music with seashells and making sounds like”TucTucTuc” and Zara started singing “baby shark baby shark with it. Luna said “look at my nails and I am clapping with it” and then Liam said “these shells are from the sea” and then Dilan replied back to him and said “ these shells are cold Liam”. Addison pointed to the shells and said “ its my favourite seashells”. Chloe was rubbing seashell to her face and said “ I am happy with this seashells”. Claire put seashell on her ear and said “ I heard caterpillar “ while Luca said “The seashells are cool and I like them” and then Quinn replied back to Luca and said “Luca it smells shells” in the last Mason took a shell in his hand and pointed to the window and said “I want seashells outside in the sandbox”.

Preschool child holding a large fan shell