Hand Anatomy

School-age 1

The children in school age 1 have displayed a keen interest in the autonomy of their hands.

This interest was sparked when Simran noticed the children painting their hands. Finley used two separate colors on his hand, creating a distinctive design when he pressed down. Meanwhile, Paisley C decided to trace her hand, leading to the creation of unique patterns. The texture of the paint, combined with the fun exploration of colors and patterns, ignited their creativity.Jkk Child displaying an colourful, artistic drawing of their hand

As the children  have displayed an interest in hand painting and observations of their handprints. Simran organized an activity centred around our hands. The children  were given q tips, glue, crayons, and x ray image of a hand. Upon entering, the first thing the children  did was count the numbers of bone in our hands. They discovered that we have 27 bones in our hands! Following the counting they proceeded to outline their hands and using q tips, glued them on to their traced hand to create bone structure they had observed in the x ray. The children were able to visually comprehend the bone structure within their hands, fostering a deeper understanding of their own bodies.

provocation set out on table. Black paper with white qtips.  Images of black and white xray of hands


Jk child tracing the shape of their hand on black paper

These activities not only allowed the children to explore their artistic abilities but also provided them with a valuable opportunity to learn about the anatomy of their hands.


group of children  at a table with xrays of hands.  Each child  using brushes to add glue to the black paper before adding a white qtip