It's Slippery


Our toddlers were observed moving their toy cars on a soapy table, Hudson said “It's slipping” referring to the soap that was present on the table. He was then overheard speaking with his peers trying to explain to themthat his “car is slipping”. He was exploring his sense of touch as he put his hands on the table sliding them around demonstrating that the surface was unstable. It created a sense of wonder in all our toddlers as they took turns putting their hands on the surface to feel the texture and slipperiness of the wet table.

toddler playing in shaving creamolf t feb2024 4

Toddlers often learn while exploring with their senses (especially the sense of touch). Seeing they enjoyed the soapy surface we decided to bring some big buckets of soapy water in our classroom with addition of some toys and washcloths. Joanne was engrossed in play and exploration as she watched the soapy water dripping down her fingers. Aurora rubbed the toys in the soapy water with her fingers and hands getting soapy and wet..

To continue fostering their curiostiy with the sense of touch, we used shaving cream to see what would our toddlers would do with another "slippery" substance.. Joanne said, “It's fluffy” as she grabbed the shaving cream with both her hands and then squished it in between her fingers with a look of wonder. It was interesting to see how their young minds process the material and its properties around them. The development of sense is crucial in children’s life and we wonder how many discoveries they will make when provided with new material to explore using their senses.