Our Five Senses and Body Parts


Our preschoolers at RisingOaks Early Learning | Our Lady of Fatima has been on an exciting journey exploring their five senses and their body parts. The five senses are crucial aspects of our human experience, and understanding the connection between these senses and our body parts is fundamental, especially at a young age. From feeling different textures to tasting new foods during lunch time, It's been a real hands-on adventure for them! Through hands-on activities and observations, our preschoolers have been discovering how their senses help them interact with the world around them.

Display to encourage exploration of the five senses

There are some notable moments from our Preschool Class:
• Calen showed a picture of cake while we were discussing about <taste> and said “I want to taste cake! I can it with my mouth”
• Kimberly: Yum-yum Strawberries, it is very sweet!
• Quinn remarked, "This is so prickly but this one is very soft!" as she explored different textures.
• Charlotte made an interesting discovery with Velcro, exclaiming, "SangHee! Touch this, this is so scratchy!"
• Luca and Liam expressed themselves in creating and exploring different foods, eager to experience new tastes.
• Hailey: “I am using my hands to touch the hands.”
• Luna: When one of educators asked the classroom what do we use to taste the food? Luna was telling her peers that we are using tongue to taste.

Children exploring paper hands
We celebrated the joy of learning about our five senses and body parts, witnessing the children's enthusiasm and curiosity firsthand. Their creativity and eagerness to explore new concepts have been truly inspiring.

Preschool boys exploring food pictures