School-age 2

Over the last few weeks children in School-age 2 have been bringing their Pokémon cards, sharing and comparing with their peers. After observing the growing Interest of Pokémon. Steph and I took some time  to reflect and indentify  ways  to integrate  their  interest in Pokémon play into our program.

Steph and I found images and  blank Pokémon cards to create their own characters and cards.  This led the students to socialize with new peers from their usual day to day peers. We observed them expressing their Ideas and share their  creative imagination with one another.

children at a table creatine images on Paper of pokemon creatures and looking at the pokemon they had caught

To expand on their interests, we wondered how we could bring Pokémon outside and create a real Pokemon hunt.. Using materials already on hand, we found clear ball ornaments and added Pokémon characters  inside each ball. The container that the clear ornament balls were in was decorated as a red and white Pokémon ball.
Steph hid all 25 balls in the school yard, Lisa explained  to the children the planned acitivity . The children began  wondering outloud  about what they might find and demonstrated enthusiasm to begin the Pokémon hunt.

school age child on a grass hill seaching for a clear plastic orb
One by one the children’s names were called to begin the hunt. The children ran across the field, searching  throughtout the yard  checking high in the tres and low around the rocks and bushes The were observed  working as a team, helping one another when one could not reach  to catch their Pokemon.  Once found,  they placed each clear Pokémon ball,  Inside of the red and white Pokémon ball until  they caught them all.

school age girl holding two clear orbs while walking across grass

As we aproach the end of the month we wonder how else we might use their interest in the Pokemon cards.  Cound they be used to practice numeracy through sequencing  or addition and subtraction? Could they be used to build literacy skills as they write descriptions of their imagined characters using the blank templates?  We wonder what they would like to do next ?